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Passaporto Italiano

Let your taste buds travel around Italy

Let your taste buds travel around Italy

As an homage to summer vacations in Italy, the Publico team invites you on a food & wine journey to four iconic regions over four months.

First destination for the month of August is the island of Sardinia, famous for it’s pristine beaches and celebrity filled yachts. During high summer, visitors savour fresh seafood and chilled dry white Vermentino wine which is signature to the island.

In September, you’ll be taken to the clifftops of Puglia, another coastal town, more humble in its lifestyle. The harmonious landscape of land meets sea beckons meat dishes such as Oreccchiette Pork Bolognese as well as seafood like the steaming shellfish Al Cartoccio. Accompany the rustic flavours with mouth-watering primitivo red wine by famed estate Borgo del Mandorlo.

As the climate cools, it’s only fitting to escape the seaside for the more mysterious canals of Venezia in the northern region of Italy, also known as the City of Masks after its carnivale traditions.

To conclude the journey, we land in the region most famous for sumptuous wine and rolling hills, Tuscany.

Join us each month and let your tastebuds do the travelling. For every special ordered throughout the four months, you’ll receive a stamp in your Publico Passaporto Italiano. Collect all four stamps and receive a complimentary bottle of wine on us!*

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